Are you at a point in your life where you are interested in exploring concerns that you have about your life and well-being? Perhaps this is manifesting both personally and in connection to relationships with people that are of significance to you?

I provide counselling and psychotherapy on a basis that is either short term and solution focused, or longer term and more in depth and farther reaching. In either instance, we will look at what is affecting your ability to be more of the person you want to be.

The experience of counselling or psychotherapy will allow you space to unravel and bring to light aspects of your past that are preventing you from leading a fulfilled life. When you uncover these blocks you connect to your own innate healing. You will then feel more able to make considered decisions and implement sustainable changes that you have been wanting to implement in your life.

The work of counselling and psychotherapy is not solely by talking but can also be through the use of visualisation, creativity and the exploration of dreams.

I practice in Barnes which is well served by public transport; Barnes and Barnes Bridge train stations are a short walk and Hammersmith tube station is a 15 minute bus journey.

Rachel Podger
Dip. Psych., MA Transpersonal Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy